Chef Kris Fuller dove head first into the culinary arena 15 years ago with an apprenticeship under Chef Chris Russell at B. Christopher’s Steakhouse. From that point forward, she began working in as many restaurants as possible, learning diverse cooking styles and techniques. She opened her first eatery, The Bistro at Adam’s Farm, with her mother in October of 2008 but desired to expand her diverse skill set. Thus, the Crafted concept materialized. Since opening Crafted – the Art of the Taco and Crafted – The Art of Street Food, Kris has received multiple awards and recognition acknowledging her innovative dishes and gastronomic mastery. Kris fights against culinary inertia, creating fare that challenges every palette and satisfies all appetites.

Tattoos share an individual’s character and life story. For over 15 years, Chef Kris Fuller has committed herself to the art of cooking and her tattoos detail her loyalty to culinary mastery. Adorned on her left hand is an anchor, which signifies her stability. Her right hand is embellished with a diamond, illustrating her precision. Drawn in the timeless “Sailor Jerry” style, these tattoos serve as a constant reminder every time she anchors down ingredients and slices through them with meticulous skill. The tattoos also represent how Crafted performs. Kristina runs a tough kitchen that redefines the word “accurate” and guides the kitchen to operate like a sea-bound vessel. The commitment to her craft is the secret element found in every dish she builds.